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GEM College is celebrating 417 years in Vocational Education and Training ... In 1605 Ian Outhwaite, direct ancestor of GEM College founders, gained his academic parchment in saddlery

In Times of Crisis

In times like these you need Strategic Leadership and Sound Governance. While much of the world is socially isolated and grinding to a halt, your world requires increased one on one care and is busier than ever.

A sustainable organisation needs a Unified Model of Leadership – an over the horizon vision, feet on the ground management and an all hands on deck implementation.

GEM College can assist your organisation to develop a Unified Model of Leadership and establish all three elements of sustainability!

Three Solutions

We offer three unique solutions for your key decision makers:

  • Board of Directors – Certificate IV in Governance
  • Chief Executive Officer – Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
  • HR/Learning and Development Managers – Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Each may be undertaken by individual stakeholders, or offered as a customised contextualised offering for all key leadership identities (Group discounts apply).

Supported Interactive e-Learning

GEM College is not scrambling to convert to online learning because of Covid-19. We have been providing high quality e-learning for more than a decade. Our strategic leadership and educational management teams have a proven track record in e-learning and an exemplary educational management record spanning almost 30 years of delivering nationally recognised qualifications.

Learners are provided with comprehensive learning resources, personal and group support. Learners choose to study where and when it suits them from mobile phones, tablets or PCs, and can fit learning into the demands of work and personal lives. Intensive sessions can be provided to suit shift workers.

Resources and Key Benefits

All Learners are provided with:-

  • A comprehensive Learner Guide and Assessment Guide for each Unit of Competency
  • Engaging, interactive OnScreen Guides through the GEM Online Campus 24/7/365
  • Virtual “intensive” face to face sessions for group learning with practising specialists and/or
  • Individual Tutor support as required
  • Graduate Diploma Learners are provided with text books as well as the above

Learning is:

  • Self paced
  • Based on research topics of interest to each Learner – and to suit your organisation
  • All assessment tasks relate directly to the life, roles and work responsibilities of each Learner

Transform Your Organisation - Enhance Your Career

Leadership is the result of the combined influences of the leader interacting with and adapting to stakeholders and the conditions existing at the time (ie the context).
(Alex Alexander, Full Spectrum Business Coach)

Time and Monetary Investment

Self-paced study over 12-24 Months. Study when and where you please.

Full Course Information, Contact Details and Fees:

GEM College is proud to introduce you to our new strategic alliance partner, Silver Service Care.

Featured Programs

GEM College has nearly 30 different qualifications for you to choose from.  If you are wanting to lay a foundation for a successful career, gain promotion, or change direction – or if you just love learning – there’s something here for you.  GEM College selects different study programs, and has special offers, from time to time for your consideration.  Why not have a look and check out the following: