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Diploma of Business (BSB50215)


This course is based on the Full Spectrum leadership and business coaching programs that for two decades have been helping entrepreneurs all over the world to achieve their dreams.

This course will help you define your Strategic Intent, and show you how to achieve it through developing the Perpetual Business Plan…. That’s just the tip of this great iceberg!

*  Subsidies: Employers and Individuals eligible for subsidised training via industry tendering processes benefit from discounted group training.

* Recognition: Individuals who have had significant experience in a given industry, in managing projects, or being members of a Project Team could be eligible for Recognition of Current Competencies, or Recognition of Prior Learning.



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This qualification is a highly flexible one, designed to meet the needs of different people involved in different types of business activity.

If you would like to start up your own business you can select from a range of entrepreneurship Units of Competence.

If you are already involved in your own business, you will have identified areas that you have strengths in, and other areas that you need to enhance your competencies to ensure a safe, secure, profitable and successful business. You may select electives to address your professional development needs, or the commercial requirements of the business.

But, you may be employed in a business (large or small) and want to improve your career opportunities. This qualification will assist you within your role, and on your career trajectory. It applies to individuals with various job titles including executive officers, program consultants and program coordinators.

This qualification offers maximum flexibility in what you want to study.

View this Qualification on training.gov.au.

Course Details

The Course Structure consists of 8 units, with no Core and 8 Electives.  6 Elective units must be selected from the units listed below, with no more than 3 units selected from any one group.  The remaining 2 Elective units may be selected from Elective units listed below, from the Business Services Training Package, or from any current accredited course or endorsed Training Package at this qualification level or Certificate IV or Advanced Diploma level.

Elective Units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Elective Units must be relevant to the work outcome, local industry requirements and qualification level.

Elective Units

Group A

Coordinate advertising research (BSBADV503)
Create mass electronic media advertisements (BSBADV510)
Create mass print media advertisements (BSBADV509)
Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan (BSBMKG523)
Develop a media plan (BSBADV507)
Write persuasive copy (BSBWRT501)

Group B

Establish and maintain a workgroup computer network (BSBITB501)
Investigate and design e-business solutions (BSBEBU501)
Manage business document design and development (BSBADM506)
Manage meetings (BSBADM502)
Manage payroll (BSBFIM502)
Plan and implement administrative systems (BSBADM504)
Plan and manage conferences (BSBADM503)

Group C

Manage human resource management information systems (BSBHRM502)
Manage human resource services (BSBHRM501)
Manage mediation processes (BSBHRM510)
Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness (BSBLED502)
Manage recruitment selection and induction processes (BSBHRM506)
Manage rehabilitation or return to work programs (BSBHRM509)
Manage remuneration and employee benefits (BSBHRM505)
Manage separation or termination (BSBHRM507)
Manage workforce planning (BSBHRM513)

Group D

Conduct a marketing audit (BSBMKG515)
Develop and implement crisis management plans (BSBPUB504)
Develop and manage complex public relations campaigns (BSBPUB502)
Establish and adjust the marketing mix (BSBMKG502)
Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities (BSBMKG501)
Implement and monitor direct marketing activities (BSBMKG509)
Implement and monitor marketing activities (BSBMKG514)
Interpret market trends and developments (BSBMKG507)
Manage fundraising and sponsorship activities (BSBPUB503)
Manage the public relations publication process (BSBPUB501)
Plan direct marketing activities (BSBMKG508)
Plan e-marketing communications (BSBMKG510)
Plan market research (BSBMKG506)

Group E

Build and sustain an innovative work environment (BSBINN502)
Develop and maintain business continuity plans (BSBCON601)
Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability (BSBSUS501)
Establish systems that support innovation (BSBINN501)
Implement continuous improvement (BSBMGT403)
Manage an information or knowledge management system (BSBINM501)
Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business (BSBIPR501)
Manage personal work priorities and professional development (BSBWOR501)
Manage risk (BSBRSK501)
Undertake project work (BSBPMG522)

Online and/or Blended Delivery

Diploma of Business – (BSB50215) (Release 3.0) .

Training Package
BSB Business Services Training Package (Release 3.0-4.0).

GEM Online Campus
The Learner is provided with User Name and Password to the GEM Online Campus, which enables access to the interactive Online Screen Guide; the Learner Guide (pdf); the Assessment Guide; and the Quick Reference Guide.

Blended Delivery
Study via face to face intensives; supported by Learner Guide, Assessment Guide; Online Seminars.

Time Commitment
Nominal minimum hours of study plus individual research and on the job application is 1,200 – 2,400 hours (normally over a period of 12-24 months); OR approximately 10 hours research and study per week (face-to-face/online) for 12 months from commencement.  During the balance of the time, learners will be engaged in work-based/simulated work-based (portfolio building) activities, assessments.


Assistance might be available for this qualification: gemcollege.edu.au/financial-assistance.

State Government funding/subsidies may be available within your state. Please check with your GEM representative if you require clarity in this regard.

Your tuition fee includes:

  • Access to GEM Online Campus – and interactive Onscreen Guides
  • Learner Guide for each Unit (pdf)
  • Assessment Guide for each Unit (pdf)
  • All essential reference materials.
  • Additional Reference materials may be requested, to further enhance your learning, and these will attract an additional charge.
  • Contact our Administration Centre on (08) 8342 3316 for more information and payment options.
  • Fees, charges and course offerings are subject to change.

This fee can be paid using EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, cheque, money order or purchase order.

A limited number of Partial Scholarships are offered within Australia annually. A limited number of Offshore Scholarships are offered annually. See Application for Consideration for Scholarship.

Course Fees: $4,800

Course Fees with Digital Marketing specialisations: $7,399

Units listed on the Course Structure Tab that are market with an astrix*,  include the following converged Digital Marketing Topics:

Intro to Digital Selling

Social Media Research

Sales Enablement

Communications Planning

Digital Sales Messaging


Social Account Management


Digital Sales Leadership


Entry Requirements/Pathways

There are no prerequisite requirements for individual units of competency.

Articulation Pathways from the Qualification

On completion of this qualification, you may undertake the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB61015), or specialise with Advanced Diploma of Management (HR) (BSB60915) or Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety (BSB60615).

Student selection

Each applicant will be interviewed to ensure suitability of program for the individual and his/her current position and/or career path.

Gaining University Entrance

A Certificate IV or Diploma may gain 6-12 months advanced standing in a university degree.  Some Advanced Diplomas may be eligible for even more credit.  Choosing a GEM College of International Business to University Pathway is a great way to get practical ‘job ready’ skills and then gain entry to a university at an advanced stage.

A Graduate Certificate from GEM College of International Business, coupled with relevant industry experience, may gain entrance to post graduate qualifications.