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GEM College’s faculties include Workright Australia (WHS), Silver Service Care (Aged and Disability), Australian Institute of Digital Marketing (IT) and Scorpion Training Solutions (WA Campus)



GEM’s vision is to be a key facilitator in developing entrepreneurship within Australia and offshore, within developing and emerging economies.

GEM has been providing pathways to the Australian Higher Education, considered by many to be the best and most accessible system in the world, and has been equipping entrepreneurs who may not wish to follow an academic pathway since 1995.

Economic & Social Development

GEM graduates contribute to the economic and social development of their own nation, and become part of the GEM Global Alumni, enhancing education, innovation, cohesion and sustainability locally, nationally and globally.

GEM may be defined by its:

  • Unique focus on developing entrepreneurs
  • Focus on each student being a contributor to their own nation’s prosperity
  • Learning outcomes aligned with commercial realities
  • Broad and holistic student experience
  • Graduate’s preparation for, and integration with, the world of work
  • Range of Pathways to University studies
  • Entrees to the world of Commerce
  • Commitment to equity, service and excellence in education
  • Strong foundations based on educational research applied
  • Links with technology and technology incubation centres
  • Interface with industry, business and community through the commitment of local, national and global Reference Committees
  • Quality staff with a commitment to the GEM Core Values
  • Enduring, interactive and iterative relationships with a growing global alumni
  • Strong sense of individual destinies, collective purpose and national benefits

Supporting Arts

Intercultural Art Exhibitions sponsored by GEM (under former branding), include works from Gao Lin An (China), Australian Indigenous artist, Kathleen Petyarre, and Arthur Hamblin, Tim Hall, Steve Kilcoyne and Ashleigh Manley.

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