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“Congratulations to our Corporate Leader, Dr Luceille Outhred, who graduated from Flinders University, with a specialist doctorate, a Doctor of Education, on 17th December. Her research on the “Changing aspirations over space and time of internal migrant women in The Philippines” has been well received by representatives from NGOs, educational institutions, MGOs and industry.

Events and Investor Presentation

Events and Investor Presentation

Workright Centre for Entrepreneurship introduces Spinergy Pty Ltd

Workright Centre for Entrepreneurship has introduced Spinergy Pty Ltd, its Power4U™ products and technologies to industry groups and potential investors in Manila, in The Republic of the Philippines.   While assembly and sale of Power4U products have specific potential for micro-business operations, the Spinergy pico and femto generators have application for agriculture, industry and major infrastructure entities.

Power4U™ has portable power when and where you need it.  Easy to store.  Easy to move.  Easy to charge! Simple to use! Silent operation.  No carbon emissions.  Friendly on the environment

  • is a solid state portable power source
  • provides 1000w at 240v AC 50Hz pure sine wave output
  • provides two 12v DC high current outputs.
  • can be charged by solar
  • can be charged by wind
  • can be charged by water
  • can be charged by mains power

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