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GEM College’s faculties include Workright Australia (WHS), Silver Service Care (Aged and Disability), Australian Institute of Digital Marketing (IT) and Scorpion Training Solutions (WA Campus)



GEM and its alliance partners have delivered training and assessment consultancy services to all industry sectors, large scale employers and small businesses.

We have delivered to a wide range of community groups, churches and even other training providers seeking to maintain or enhance the quality of service they provide.  GEM learning is learner-centric, and we endeavour to ensure our teaching/training/mentoring/assessing is:

Equitable – based on the truth that every person is unique – no two people are alike, and thus the aspirations, abilities and needs of each person need to be considered in the preparation, delivery, evaluation and assessment of all we do.

Current – based on current world’s best practices for workplaces, and readily adaptable to local industry and/or local legislation.

Practical – be able to applied equally in the workplace (industry or commerce), to the community and in the home.

Academically Sound – the standards of the vocational programs we offer are constantly undergoing review, evaluation, upgrading and assessment by the Quality Control Unit of GEM College of International Business. All training modules and Units of Competence are nationally recognised under Australian Skills Quality Authority, and all trainers are have professional, academic qualifications. All trainers have a minimum of 5 years industry experience in their field.

Encouraging – recognising that everyone needs encouragement, our trainers, tutors and mentors are selected on the basis of their personal qualities as well as their academic qualifications, industry expertise and practical abilities.

Cost Effective – GEM College of International Business ensures that people and organisations are not excluded from training because of financial constraints. Our prices are competitive and flexible payment arrangements can be put in place to ensure anyone may access the training they require for their professional development.

Flexible – we recognise the ever changing needs of individuals and organisations, and have designed our training delivery to provide maximum flexibility. Training may be undertaken on a Unit basis, as part of a full qualification, by face-to-face, intensive, on-line, print based distance or hybrid delivery methods. Likewise, if an individual’s life circumstances change they can stop and start their qualification to work around their changing circumstances. GEM College of International’s flexible approach to human needs means that ill health, long service leave, parenting leave and annual leave no longer need interrupt professional development or training.

GEM College of International Business recognizes mentoring as a beneficial cost effective method of enhancing skills, knowledge and insights in the workplace and has designed facilitated programs for equipping mentors in the workplace. GEM College of International Business can assist your organisation to shift to a Mentor Systems Management approach, further enhancing a Teams Culture.

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