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Interested in Business? GEM College now offers the Diploma of Business with specialisations in Business Development, Business Operations, Compliance, Digital and Data, Evaluations, Leadership, Management, Organisational Development, Procurement, Records and Information Management. Customise your Diploma to meet your interests.

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How does GEM deliver its valuable resources?

GEM has designed an Online Campus to underpin learners everywhere. What was once called “the tyranny of distance” is now “the liberty of learners”. GEM’s Online learning is personal, convenient and portable.

You can do it from your smart phone, any time, anywhere! You take the class when you feel like it, as it fits in with your timeframe and amongst your other life commitments. It’s delivered in bite-sized chunks, and … if you don’t get it at first it’s repeatable. It’s so motivating and it’s so free from fear of failure. Wherever you are, whatever time you want, whatever device you want to do your learning from, your learning is available to you!

The Online Campus also facilitates the face-to-face delivery that occurs at GEM College campuses. If a student is unwell, has annual leave, work commitments or a family crisis, they can miss class and pick up exactly where they missed out, via the Online Campus.

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