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Interested in Business? GEM College now offers the Diploma of Business with specialisations in Business Development, Business Operations, Compliance, Digital and Data, Evaluations, Leadership, Management, Organisational Development, Procurement, Records and Information Management. Customise your Diploma to meet your interests.

Regional Campuses


GEM College of International Business delivers its training and education programs through both its “bricks and mortar” campuses and the GEM Online Campus.

GEM provides accessible education to students throughout the world. In addition to our Australian based campuses, students may undertake studies via Distance Education and/or e-Learning.

In 2018 courses are programmed to run in The Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Romania and the United States of America. It is anticipated that further campuses will be established throughout South and East Africa.

Interested students, educators, investors, entrepreneurs and commercial training providers who would like to become part of the GEM Global Network are invited to make contact via admin@gem-college.com

Choose how you study with GEM from our Online Campus, or from a “bricks and mortar” campus near you.


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