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GEM College’s faculties include Workright Australia (WHS), Silver Service Care (Aged and Disability), Australian Institute of Digital Marketing (IT) and Scorpion Training Solutions (WA Campus)

National and International News

National and International News

Innovation in Education through Converged Technologies

12 Nov 2015

GEM has entered into agreement with three local technology companies, a South Australian artist, an academic from South Africa, a world leader in technology education, and an international recognized technology design expert to create and globally commercialize a unique set of educational resources.  These are being aligned to the Australian Curriculum, which is currently being prepared for students in all states and territories, from Foundation –Year 12.  The educational resources are also being aligned to the Australian Vocational Education and Training Competency Standards (VET sector) and the Australian Qualifications Framework. The educational resources, known as trademarked as STEM Converged Curriculum™ and STEAM Converged Curriculum™ will equip students, teachers, trainers, assessors and educational managers alike!

CLWB, pronounced “club” is a welsh word which means a club or community.  CLWB is also an acronym for Community for Learning With Bits, and this is precisely what has been brought together.  Members include:-

  • GEM College of International Business (Australia) is well known for its innovation in education, with many “firsts” to its credit; for providing quality in education and training and for its incubation of early stage, leading-edge technology companies in South Australia, and its support of the Australian and international artists.
  • The GEM College Online Campus offers a high quality global online learning campus with courses accessed by learners in 164 countries and 10,000 corporate clients – it is the ideal channel to bring unique qualifications to market
  • CLWB (see clwb.org), and its CEO and Founder, Mike Lloyd – is a world leader in the design and development of STEM educational resources, and supplies learning content, supporting technologies in kit form, and teacher training around a 10 module STEM curriculum. CLWB is currently establishing “show case” schools in the UK, Asia (Singapore), Australia and North and South America.
  • Area 51, and its CEO Founder, Ian Myles – Ian was formerly VP of Astro Studios, California’s most highly regarded, and internationally recognized design leading company. From there he founded MEEP (Mobile Exchange Electronic Payments) and was then appointed VP of JP Morgan Chase’s Biometrics division, and later Head of Payments Division for Singtel (Singapore). Ian is Managing Partner of CLWB, but as with the most creative entrepreneurs, he has his mind is across the sectors bringing user entered experiences to Payments, Wear-ables & Biometrics, which are now becoming mainstream in many aspects of digital life. However, Ian understands it is where the sectors overlap – that the next wave of innovation is addressing.
  • Digislide International Pty Ltd – Founder, Kevin Soper – the national, regional and global award winning pico projection company
  • Spinergy Pty Ltd – Founders (Kevin Soper, Peter Rubinshtein, and Dr luceille Outhred) – a clean energy generation company
  • Allied Animation Technologies Pty Ltd – Founding inventors Dr luceille Outhred, Danny Jung and Kevin Soper – specializing in laser technologies
  • Malcolm Koch – an award winning Adelaide artist, whose Membrane Art expresses principles of quantum physics.
  • Dr Cas Olivier – South African academic who has created a matrix based on the great education theorists, to identify 1369 distinct learning modes.  Dr Cas is a leading VET provider and author of “Maths – It’s as Easy as Pi” and “The DNA of Great Teachers” – his work has been recommended for an international gamification award.

Dr luceille said “It is the focus on the Internet of Things that brings Ian, Mike, Malcolm, Cas and the various entities and technologies that we represent together.  Ensuring USER centered solutions prevail, and ensuring that the emerging generation – and their teachers, trainers and educational managers are equipped, is not only exciting … it’s absolutely essential!”

“This is very exciting” said Mike Lloyd, “Under GEM’s educational management,  Spinergy, Digislide and Allied Animation Technologies, will enable us to add Energy, Projection, Light and Laser modules to our STEM and STEAM curricula, I’m excited about this project.  We hope to include Adelaide in the ‘Australian tour’ in February-March, 2016.  I very much appreciate Malcolm’s work.  I have been following the growth of the use of digital technologies in fine art for a long time, including the amazing exhibitions in the Barbican in London, and more recently in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I’m also a big fan of the work of Chris Milk, and in the fashion world, Cutecircuit.”

Malcolm Koch’s next exhibition will be held simultaneously in two venues, to paradox the ‘quantum entanglement system’ where each particle (paintings in Malcolm’s case) cannot be described independently—instead, are linked as a whole. By communicating their interconnectedness Malcolm hints at a macro-level (classical mechanics) the science of the physical phenomenon. Malcolm’s exhibition will be Friday, 25 March — Monday, 2 May 2016 – venues to be announced – www.membraneart.com

Interested in these books?  Order your copy through administration@gem-college.com
Mike’s book Schooling at the Speed of Thought
Dr Olivier’s Maths – It’s as Easy as Pi and The DNA of Great Teachers

Best Practice with GEM College of International Business

19 Aug 2015

GEM College is able to offer a range of services to Local Government entities seeking to achieve Best Practice.

GEM College has been invited by Chris Hannaford, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Charles Sturt is to be involved in the first Collaboration for Commercialisation workshop “Manufacturing meets Medical Technology” which includes Health, Aged Care and Senior Living Services.

The workshop will also look at existing Supply Chains – Global, National, Local; identifying Regional Specialisations; identifying the needs and opportunities for Regional Cluster/Precinct Development, opportunities for Research and Development opportunities, Funding and Investment and opportunities for Export Development Opportunities

We are honoured to be invited to this strategic event.

STEM Workshops Go Full STEAM Ahead

25 May 2016

GEM College of International Business is excited about the partnership with CLWB, an international leader in the delivery of STEM/STEAM Education.  16 workshops were delivered across Australia, together with partner Intuyu.  Over 250 educational managers, teachers and students enjoyed the hands on experience of the STEAM and Coding Workshops.  Workshops were held in Brisbane, Geelong, Ballarat, Adelaide and Perth.
The Australian National Innovation and Science Agenda will change the way educators prepare their students for the world of work.  An increased focus on Coding, STEM and Digital Technologies will help prepare students for the Tsunami that is coming from the Internet of Things.

Learn more: PDF Flyer: IoT (Internet of Things) Fast Approaching

The ‘You Can Teach Coding’ and ‘Practical Steps to STEAM’ workshops help teachers meet this challenge.  GEM College is offering the Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) and the Diploma of Design and Development with specialties in STEM Converged Curriculum™ and STEAM Converged Curriculum™.  Register now for the 2016 second semester, or the 2017 academic year.

To learn more about the successful courses we ran earlier in 2016, and to register for courses: CLWB – 2016 STEAM and Coding Workshops

Following the endorsement of the new Australian Technologies Curriculum, states are now beginning to make coding and robotics, compulsory in schools from Prep to Year 10. “Practical Steps to STEAM” enables schools understand how to plan a STEAM/STEM strategy; teach the required “General Purpose Computer Languages” to students; and manage the implementation of STEAM or STEM in their schools. The workshop included hands-on experience in a STEAM project and Coding.

“You Can Teach Coding” taught teachers how to code and how to teach coding. Participants were taken from assumed no-knowledge to being confident in teaching with a “General Purpose Programming Language”. Carefully scaffolded exercises take delegates from Scratch to HTML to Python in just one day.

If You Would Like to Know More, Enquire Here.