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GEM College is celebrating 417 years in Vocational Education and Training ... In 1605 Ian Outhwaite, direct ancestor of GEM College founders, gained his academic parchment in saddlery

GEM Online

GEM Online Campus

Tailored e-Learning Solutions

GEM Online Campus courses are SCORM and AICC compliant, and can be delivered as a generic courses or as tailored e-Learning solutions matching the specific requirements of industry, or the discrete needs of organisations or departments.

We are constantly monitoring and upgrading our programs to ensure we stay in sync with changing industry and legislative needs.

User Centric Courses

GEM courses are “user centric” – which simply means we have made them just for you. They can be delivered as synchronous (at the same time) or asynchronous (at your desired time). So teachers or trainers can arrange a session where everyone is online at the same time while the content is being delivered or students can access the course content as they need to.


GEM Courses are compatible with desktops, laptops, notebooks, mobile phones, iPAD™ or iPhone™. Course Content has been laid out to suit mobile phone screens with simple navigation buttons and easy instructions, you can browse and find the exact course to meet your needs.

The language used in each course is appropriate for the level of qualification you are undertaking. Each course has a Glossary which lists the terms and definitions used within the course, and an orientation page that provides you with a Training Plan that shows which Units are Core and which are Electives.

You are introduced to the range of Assessment Methodologies you can expect to find against each Unit, as you work towards gaining your full qualification.

Engaging & Interactive

GEM courses are highly engaging, rich in interactivity and have all the visual and content components required to make it easy for you to learn. We aim to impart effective learning. We draw from relevant case studies, provide graphs, charts, tables to represent statistics, and have illustrated images and embedded videos to help you learn effectively. Pop-up boxes highlight generic facts and important information.

Many of our courses have audio so you can sit and listen if that is your preferred learning style. We let you learn, try and then practise until you’re confident you’ve got it right. Then, and only then, you can apply to be assessed against the competency standards for that particular Unit of Competence. There’s no “unexpected tests”, there are no “examinations”, there’s no “failed score”. As soon as you’re confident that you are competent you can apply for assessment.

GEM’s Online Learning Management System enables you, your tutor and your GEM campus trainer to monitor your progress, interact with you and your activities and track your learning curve to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve.

Instructional Avatar

GEM is currently involved with Sonora Technologies Inc, in Canada in the preparation of Instructional Avatars to lead you throughout the course, and to make it even more user friendly and fun.

The Avatar will also conduct the formative assessments and provide you with feedback, which will help you decide when you are ready for the Online Assessor to conduct the summative assessment, in conjunction with the workplace representative.


All GEM courses have been developed in English, and translated into Spanish. Several have been translated into Chinese Simplified, and others are being prepared for Farsi translations.

GEM Online Campus personnel have been designing and developing courses with Instructional Design Strategies for 20 years. We have a methodology that ensures our courses are easy to understand for anyone and everyone.

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