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“Congratulations to our Corporate Leader, Dr Luceille Outhred, who graduated from Flinders University, with a specialist doctorate, a Doctor of Education, on 17th December. Her research on the “Changing aspirations over space and time of internal migrant women in The Philippines” has been well received by representatives from NGOs, educational institutions, MGOs and industry.


Specialty Short Courses

GEM College’s short courses range from half day to three-day courses. GEM short courses provide students and employers with a meaningful end result whilst providing a building block towards further study.

Generic titles are provided for convenience.

‘Local Government

Course Title Length (Days)
Elected Members – Understanding Planning Processes 1
Elected Members – Understanding Meeting Procedures 1
Governance in Local Government 1
Licenses including Software Licensing 0.5


Management, Leadership & Communication

Course Title Length (Days)
Managers & Leaders Interpersonal Skills 2
Performance Management & Review Procedures 2
Managing Change & Problem Solving PROJECT
Strategic Process Management 1
Mentor Systems Management PROJECT
Mentors & Managers 2
Workplace Communication 2
Business Communication 1
Women in the Workplace 1
Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace 2
Organisational Needs Analysis (Strategic Planning) 2
Manager / Leader Styles 2
Ethnographic Studies 2


Personal Development

Course Title Length (Days)
Conflict Management 1 1
Goal Setting 0.5
Time Management 1
Negotiation Skills 0.5
Personality in the Workplace 0.5
Conflict Resolution 1
Report Writing 2


Human Resource Management

Course Title Length (Days)
Personnel Recruitment & Induction 2
Skills Audits 1
Alcohol / Drug Abuse in the Workplace 0.5


Workplace Teams

Course Title Length (Days)
Team Problem Solving 2
Managing Empowered Teams 2
Facilitating Team Meetings 1
Building Teams 2
Team Facilitation 1
Team Skills 1
Team Skills – Effective Empowerment 1


Finance, Accounting & Budgeting

Course Title Length (Days)
Financial Performance Management 2
Budgeting for Training 2


Contracts & Legislation

Course Title Length (Days)
Tenders & Contracts 2
Contractual Administration 2
Contract Law 2


Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare

Course Title Length (Days)
Hazard Management 0.5
Safety & Statistics 1
Advanced Safety Project PROJECT
Safety & Legislation in the Workplace 2
Foundations of Workplace Safety 1
OHSW – The Act, Regulations & Implications 1
Manual Handling 1
Ergonomics in the Workplace 1
Fire, Personal Protection & Emergency Procedures 1
Confined Space Entry – Entry Procedures 2
Hazardous Substances 1
Dangerous Goods Transportation 2
Safety Project PROJECT
Asbestos Removal – these courses are Nationally Recognised Training. Click here for more data


Quality Systems & Productivity

Course Title Length (Days)
Just-in-Time Management 2
Quality & Customer Service 1
Quality Improvement 1
Leaders & Quality Managers 1

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