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GEM College’s faculties include Workright Australia (WHS), Silver Service Care (Aged and Disability), Australian Institute of Digital Marketing (IT) and Scorpion Training Solutions (WA Campus)



The GEM Group was formerly known as the Workright Group which commenced in 1992.  Workright Australia was one of the first privately Registered Training Organizations recognised by State and Federal Governments of Australia, immediately prior to the deregulation of the Vocation Education and Training sector, and was recognized for providing quality industry training, specialist ESL training and personal and professional development.

Sound record of educational management

The company developed a sound record of educational management under a highly qualified Board and Management Team each of whom had over 20 years experience in education at post compulsory levels. From 1994 – 2013 our educational resources were presented to the Australian marketplace under the brand, Workright Australia. Workright Global offered its programs to industry, community groups and NGOs offshore.  The Workright Centre for Entrepreneurship assisted inventors, innovators and Small and Medium Sized Businesses to apply for incorporate, establish sustainable business practices and apply for Government Grants and Rebates , incubate and commercialise their technologies.

Unique educational concept

Discussions amongst leading educators in South Australia in 2002 led to the development of a unique educational concept, which after a decade of educational and international research, shaping and trialling, has emerged to be known as the GEM College of International Business.

In 2011, it was decided that Workright Group would be re-branded to reflect the new directions being undertaken, and the GEM College of International Business was born

The GEM Group includes: GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd, the Registered Training Organisation; GEM College of International Business (Global) Pty Ltd, managing the GEM Online Campus; and the GEM Centre for Entrepreneurship, providing incubation and business consultancy services to inventors, innovators, Small to Medium Enterprise owners with a range of business consultancy services.

We help develop entrepreneurs

“GEM College of International Business” is fast becoming a national and international education and training brand, focusing on the development of entrepreneurs who may wish to be owner-operators of their own business, involved in commerce and international trade or employed in business administration, record keeping or management.”
Dr luceille Outhred, Corporate Leader, GEM College of International Business (Group)

GEM Global is the Master Licensor for all Colleges bearing this name. Local and Regional College campuses are distinguished by a “gem designation” signifying the location of the licensee being placed in brackets after the name. Thus, establishment of GEM College of International Business in each nation will take on their discrete “gem” relevant to their nation, ie Uganda, India and China (Cobalt, Ruby and Jade Campuses).

The GEM College of International Business [Opal Campus] was established in Adelaide, and was the first licensee established for the specific purpose of capturing a market share of the growth industry of Post Compulsory Education, Vocational Education and Training Education and the teaching of English Language to the level required for University Entrance in the Asia Pacific Region.

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